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Great Oprah Winfrey Lookalikes, Carol Inside edition, impersonators, doubles for any corporate party, commerical, video shoot, private event. Oprah impersonator, lookalike available in Los Angeles and New York City, Orlando Best Oprah Impersonator for Inside Edition TV, San Francisco, Las Vegas Lookalike, Dallas, Atlanta , Washington DC, Detroit, Boston, New York and New Jersey Oprah Winfrey impersonators, L.A., Chicago Oprah Winfrey impersonator , San Diego. Oprah Winfrey as a talk-show impersonator, or use Oprah impersonator for red carpet interviews, Academy Award or Hollywood theme events. This Oprah Winfrey lookalike/impersonator will travel anywhere. Oprah lookalike- impersonator will impress clients from New York to Los Angeles and Japan, China, Korea and any other international destination where an Oprah impersonanator is needed. Extremely experienced Oprah impersonators, look-alikes, doubles. Oprah Winfrey impersonator/double is great at meet and greet with clients for photos and/or performing and acting like the real Oprah! Seen in Magazines as Best Oprah Lookalike.. Oprah impersonator on Inside Edition... Oprah Impersonator Carol

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