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Elvis, Elvis, Elvis!! Yes, Elvis Presley, the most well known impersonator, lookalike in the business! We can provide you with a fantastic legends show, with an Elvis impersonator, tribute, as well as other impersonators like a Marilyn Monroe or James Dean lookalike impersonator . The act includes live singing, looking, and acting like "The King", Elvis Presley himself. Elvis songs from any era can be recreated through these great impersonators. These Elvis impersonators-Lookalikes are also great for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, fundraisers, Hollywood red carpet, or any affair where you want to include a unique touch. Elvis Presley impersonators, lookalikes..Elvis impersonator, lookalikes for Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, L.A., Boston, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Orlando, Washington D.C., Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Canada, Detroit, North Carolina, Atlanta, Houston, Kansas City, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Phoenix and many more where and Elvis impersonator lookalike is needed.........

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