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This Bruce Willis look-alike, impersonator is one of the best impersonators you will ever see. Not only does he look just like Bruce Willis, this impersonator also is an accomplished rhythm and blues singer and guitarist. He is experienced playing the harmonica, just like Bruce Willis. This celebrity lookalike-double can perform on stage much like the real Willis did in the 80's. He has worked all over the U.S., and has been hired for appearances in Japan, Turkey, Jamaica, Mexico. In July of 2002, he was in Hawaii being cast to be a body double for Willis's new movie. BRuce Willis impersonator double, lookalike for New York, San Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Detroit, New Orleans, Philadelphia and all over the world where a Willis impersonator, lookalike is needed.

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